About Me

I was, for a long time, mostly an explainer.  Turning technical information into actionable ideas as a technical writer, instructional designer and trainer.  Distilling complex systems into simpler pieces,  driving change, reinforcing performance.  I loved consuming new industries and systems, I liked interfacing with smart people, and the work was steady.  I did some marketing work from time to time, but most of my time was spent with engineers and consultants.

After losing an NYC tech writing job due to downsizing, I fell backwards into a copywriting job due to experience with the American Medical Association style guide.  I wrote copy for a big pharma lifestyle site about thriving with herpes, irritable bowel syndrome, and other conditions I’ve probably blocked out.  I got back to tech writing as soon as I could, but started moonlighting as a marketer in earnest as well.

After another decade splitting my time between both disciplines, a layoff in 2012 gave me the opportunity to finally jump into marketing full-time.  I had been managing documentation and internal technical training for a company of 200 people, so moving to a boutique agency of about 7 was